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2017 Mystery Quilt - Pick Your Colorway!

Two-Part Reservation Process

Part 1 - Order Online. Choose the colorway of your choice and order the reservation fee online. Please note that your payment details are encrypted and we cannot see your credit card information. Orders will come in as “Pending” and we will then process your payment, generally within 24 hours.

Part 2 - Call us at 785-243-4044. We need to confirm your shipping address, phone, and email address. We'll also need your credit (or debit) card details for your monthly billing

Please note that although we still accept PayPal payments for incoming website orders, we are phasing out of PayPal Invoicing. We are in the process of combining all of our invoicing systems into one that is integrated with our store and website.

Read the Complete Program Details Here!

Are you ready for a Mystery Quilt Adventure?

2017 Program
When you sign up for a mystery quilt, you will be sent several packages of fabric - and the instructions a piece at a time. For some clues, you will cut fabric. For other clues, you may also be piecing blocks. You have no idea what the end project will look like...until the final clue!

We can't tell you much more, or we'd ruin the mystery! What we can promise, however, is that this Mystery Quilt is an unusual design, and features a combination of beautiful, high-quality quilting fabrics personally selected by the team at Fabric Essentials!

First Shipment Early to Mid May

2017 Mystery Quilts!
We think you will be stumped! It's fun, it's amazing and very different. In ten months you'll create a fantastic 84" x 84" quilt!

Monthly Clues!
Each month for 10 months you will receive all fabrics for the top, including binding, clues, Fabric Essentials' exclusive cutting diagrams, and finally, a complete pattern with finishing instructions that will solve the mystery!

Choose from multiple colorways - each has totally different fabrics.
Contemporary, Civil War Reproduction, Traditional... Something for Everyone!

What does it cost?
The programs have different prices based on fabric costs. Click on one of the colorways above to see the monthly fees, including shipping for U.S. Orders. For international orders we will work with you to group shipments to save on postage. 

Sign up now!

If you have questions, stop by the store, telephone us at +1-785-243-4044, or email us at
Don't delay. This will fill up fast! 
Important Update!
Don't haven't missed out!
We had an overwhelming response to our "Send Me Advance Notice" Form and realized that we didn't have enough colorways prepared. We have been working to create more colorways, order more fabric, and be prepared for all of you. We appreciate your patience as we work to create more. We will release pictures of the colorways soon!

Send me Advance Notice of the new Mystery Quilt!

2016 Mystery BOM Quilts - Four Colorways!

Ruler Set for 2016 Mystery Quilt

Contact Us If You Have Any Questions!

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