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Welcome to Fabric Essentials!
Books & Patterns!

A Book is a Gift You Can Open Again & Again!

Pattern Backs!

One of our core beliefs is that we should make your online shopping experience as close as possible to the experience of shopping in our store.

When you go to a store and see a pattern, what is the first thing you do? You pick up the pattern and turn it over to see the backside. What does it take to make this pattern? How many yards? What notions?

However, most online stores only show you the front of the pattern! How can you be sure you are interested in the pattern if you can't see the backside?

Here's an example of what you will see on the Fabric Essentials website. To find out more, click here.
Pattern - A Little Something JacketPattern - A Little Somthin' Jacket - Back Side 

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