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Your Flexible Block-of-the-Month Headquarters!
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Flexible Block-of-the-Month (BOM) - QUILT Programs!

FREE Shipping when you purchase a Complete Block-of-the-Month!
Call us at 785-243-4044 to discuss your requirements (1st, 2nd, and 3rd backing choices, rulers needed, etc).

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Your Flexible BOM Headquarters!

Fabric Essentials offers the most flexible Block of the Month programs available!

Taking a cue from the Frank Sinatra song, "I'll Have it My Way", we believe that a BOM program should work around your life rather than fitting your life around a rigid BOM program.

tell us what works for you - when you want to start, how many blocks you want per month - and we'll work with you!

* Want 2 blocks per month? You got 'em!
Want 3 blocks every two months? Done!
Need to change your schedule? No problem!
* Want to purchase the entire quilt kit and save big on shipping? The answer is "Yes"!

Call us at +1-785-243-4044 or email us at to discuss your requirements and we'll get you on your way!

Click to read more about the Fabric Essentials Flexible BOM program differences!

"You guys are so easy to work with! You always return my calls quickly and you're so helpful!" - Sharon B.

Your KING Size BOM Headquarters!

Very few Block-of-the-Month programs feature quilts for the King size beds. For quilts originally designed as rectangular, Fabric Essentials has created EXCLUSIVE square King-Size versions for these BOM programs. In other cases, we have increased the border sizes and backing to enlarge square quilts to approximately 110".

Check Out Our New Lookbook Catalog!

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We cut all kits ahead!
When you start a program with us, we cut your entire kit, and your name goes on a bag with all kits inside. You are guaranteed to receive all kits as advertised!
We offer both Regular and Accelerated Programs - and ship anywhere!
Because we cut kits in advance, we can offer you flexibility in how the program works for you; we will tailor the program to fit your timeline and budget!
We can ship as many kits at a time as you want!
You save money by grouping your shipments!

We offer the option to Start Anytime!
If you like a particular quilt, but want to start later, just let us know.
We offer exclusive cutting diagrams for most projects!
Generally, if you don't cut things "just right" you could be in trouble. Our exclusive cutting diagrams lead you through... step-by-step!
We offer "Boo-Boo" Bundles for most projects!
If we feel the kits are cut too 'skimpy', we make Boo-Boo Bundles of extra fabric for you. If you really mess up at 2 am, you can still keep going!
We use all original fabrics, unless clearly stated otherwise!
We know that you want your project to look like the picture, and don't want you to be disappointed!

We create Exclusive King-Size options for most projects!
If you need a larger quilt, Fabric Essentials is the place to be! We specialize in creating larger size versions of most projects.
We are only a phone call or email away if you need help!
If you have questions, please call us or email us!
Bottom Line: We're your partner and we want you to be successful!
P.S. We want to be your preferred BOM provider!

In which months do you prefer to start your BOM programs?

January to April
May to August
September to December
I like flexibility and will start anytime

"I was out of town when the package with my first three months for the The Mill Girls BOM arrived so I just opened the box last night and went through the patterns and material. Oh my gosh, your cutting layouts are wonderful. Even my husband was impressed - he said it looks like wood worker patterns. And your directions are so clear. I think I might need to take a trip Kansas to see your shop!" - Sharon B.

"Who would have thought that by typing in "Wildflower Boo-Boo Bundle" on Google, I would find your website? But I did just that and I am so happy I did! Your BOM program is fabulous and the service and assistance that I have received will certainly keep me coming back time after time." Thank You, Denny T.

"Fabric Essentials carries extra BOM fabric so we can make pillowcases, shams, and bedskirts to match! I love the cutting diagrams and the fact that the backing is included with most projects. It's much easier on my budget that way."    - Jean D.

"I like the flexibility of the Fabric Essentials BOM programs...I can work ahead at my own pace & don't have to wait 30 days to get another block."   - Katherine W.

"I am so impressed with this email newsletter. It's the best I've seen. I love the fabrics and color selections. It made my day, just getting to browse the fabric selections and gather ideas for another quilt." 
- Betty F.

Find out more about the Fabric Essentials email newsletter!

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