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Your Flexible Block-of-the-Month Headquarters!
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LOVE  IT!!! I just received my BOM. Appreciate all your efforts. Jane

Visiting your store was the centerpiece of the day with my friend Linda. We always have fun there. The fabrics always manage to be does that happen? I think it started with the Kaffe Fasset fabrics so many years ago and then moved on to Marcia Derse and the the toweling. I'm also a reproduction print fan and like the collection of batiks but purposely stay away from them because I just like too many things!
Fabric Essentials has the best quilt store staff of any quilt store I've ever been to. They are efficient, friendly and always seem to know where I'm headed.  How do they do that? None of the above comes by accident!  Thanks for big fun on Monday.....Jane

I've never seen a store offer backing with a BOM program! Trudy K.

Thank you for your reply. Love Fabric Essentials and your customer service is amazing. And thank you for all you do to make online and phone orders such an easy process. You can quote me! Virginia C

I received my last month of Aunt Grace Simpler Sampler and busy putting the blocks together. I love the diagrams and which direction each seam should go. I am almost finished putting all the sections together and then I will start on the extension kit as I am making a king. I will be hand quilting this. Thank you so much Marsha Doyenne for the thank you card. I have done many BOMs over the years and this was a first for me. This has been the best BOM I have ever worked on and I will be ordering again in October. I have really enjoyed this. Thank you so much.
Nancy G

Count me as a convert to your flexible BOM program! I have been quilting about 10 years. And, my skills are developed enough to complete such projects as Dear Jane, Nearly Insane, and several Judy Niemeyer patterns. A couple of years ago, I attempted two other BOM programs and absolutely hated them. The instructions for one were poorly written and the other provided barely enough fabric for the blocks - with no mistakes allowed. I vowed then never to do another BOM program.

Unfortunately, I fell in love with your Sangria project! So, I decided to take a chance and go for the project. Your instructions were clear, well laid out and easy to follow. I loved the cutting instructions. The boo-boo bundle inclusion was a plus. I am now in the final stages of putting this project together and can hardly wait to show it off to my quilting group. So now, I am a convert and expect to choose more of your projects.

I will have more than enough "scraps" left from this project to complete a scrappy project. I plan to combine scraps into squares, rectangles, triangles, etc. to form 4-1/2 inch pieced blocks. Those will be framed by leftover peppered cotton fabrics in 4-1/2 wide strips to form blocks. My stash is fairly extensive, but I have your website bookmarked and now it is my first stop when I am looking for fabrics. We have a number of quilt shops in this area, but yours provides the customer service that many shops do not!! 


I found Fabric Essentials through a Google search. I think I saw the Seasonal Silhouettes on Pinterest, so I was trying to find a store that would ship to Australia. Easier said than done, sometimes!! Thanks again for all of your help: It can be tricky when you don't know anybody who quilts or does applique! It's so wonderful to have an online shop that is still so responsive to customers. Please sign me up to the newsletter :) Carolyn, Australia.

Just have to say YOU KNOCKED MY SOCKS OFF!!!! This [Discovery Tree Quilt] is stunning, exciting and shows you truly can have drama in the simplicity of squares & rectangles. Sign me up!!
Seeing something fresh made my day! I am a Frond fiend, and can see you share that passion. Always look forward to your email, whether shopping or not you find the way to tempt me! Love your shop, your staff is the best. Thank you for the inspiration! Pat L.

We're so thrilled that you offer this BOM option. It's nice to be able to work at our own pace and not have to stop and wait until the next month before receiving the supplies. We look forward to seeing what else you have in store for us in the coming years!! :-) Laura M
I love this BOM - and I LOVE this store. Best Place to get a BOM. Cynthia S

Just wanted to let you know that I finished my queen "A Year to Crow About Quilt”. It is completely finished and I am so pleased with it. I also took the extra material and made pillow shams to match. Everyone ooohhed and aaahhed over it at Bernina club Thursday. I am loving my new quilt. PS you guys are the best! Nancy M

I thank you again for your service and, as I stated before, the best instructions I have ever used for making last years Patchwork Party quilt. It was so easy to follow and very detailed. The pictures and diagrams helped immensely! I hope the rest of the industry picks up on your lead. I know the time involved with designing and completing the instructions is very consuming. The attention to the details was impeccable. All of your work has paid off when a quilter can do it as easily as I did! I am attaching pictures of my finished quilt! Thank you again,Denise S

I just wanted to tell you I appreciate you helping me to get my finishing fabrics for my quilt. I really appreciate everything you helped me with. You are Angels. I don't know of any store that would do what you did for me. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.  Loretta G

I received my order in yesterday’s mail, and am very pleased with the easy process and your help in getting just what I needed. I will likely be ordering from your web site in the future and will certainly recommend your company to my quilting friends.  Judith A

From a Yelp Review: I am doing a Block of the Month (BOM) program with them through the mail. I am about halfway through it and I am thoroughly impressed with this shop. The program organization is very well thought out and executed. I feel I am receiving the same level of attention and service that I would if I were actually in the store.

For all the BOM programs, the shop prepares a cutting guide for each month's kit so you know they have reviewed the pattern in detail before their customers have ever seen it. Second, they cut your whole kit at the beginning of your program so there's never a delay in the middle of things. I know that the remaining months of my BOM are cut, labeled and ready to be shipped to me so I will receive them on time. In addition, cutting the whole quilt at one time means the dye lots of the fabric match. Third, their BOM programs include a boo-boo bundle. Mistakes happen and I appreciate having that little insurance. Fourth, their BOMs include coordinated backing. I don't particularly enjoy figuring out what to put on the back of a quilt so not having to think about that is a big plus to me.

I also appreciate that they are very flexible in how they ship the kits. Since they've cut everything ahead of time, they can send the kits two at a time, three at a time, all at once, whatever you want, whenever you want. You're not limited to whatever a shop has decided to do - one kit per month being a typical program (hence the name). In my case, I am getting three blocks at a time every three months. It has worked very well for me and has also saved a bundle on postage. After I placed my order (online), the shop owner called me later to go over the details and tailor the program to what would work best for me. She was very friendly, very clearly knew her business, and I felt valued as a customer and quilter.

This is the kind of experience I want to have with a quilt shop and I will definitely be doing more business with Fabric Essentials. Sara H.

I got your package yesterday, and I was simply floored!  Wow! I showed my husband the two complete BOM's I had received from you and the other quilt shop. His reply was "no comparison"! I love the backing fabric. And the finishing kit was also a surprise for me. It was like Christmas! Thank you again for the thoughtful way your run your program. I brag to my friends what a great deal your BOM program is. I'm going to share this with my guild tomorrow and show them how generous your program is. A forever customer, Carolyn P.

I recently placed an order with Fabric Essentials.

I just wanted to THANK YOU SO MUCH for your BEYOND EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!  I literally ordered this product at 7:30 am on weekday, was notified it was shipped within less than 3 hours that same day, and have already received it within 3 days!!!!  Suffice it to say I am blown away once again by your quality and service. 

I have ordered from you in the past and have now decided to make you my FIRST stop when shopping for fabrics and notions for my quilting projects.  Not only do you have an incredible selection of quality fabrics, your customer services simply defies description.  You are the BEST and I so appreciate it.  Vicki M 

My fabric for the Diamond Mine Quilt came today and it is fabulous. You and your staff did a great job of putting the kit together. I am so grateful to  you and your staff. Please thank them for me. Once again thank you for another perfect job, when I finish the quilt I will sent pictures, hopefully I will have it done yet this year. Pat H.

How can I ever thank you?!? I so appreciate this! If I can ever do anything for you, I am in your debt! 7 times-wow! I had to really work to get all of the fabrics-I covered almost 200 miles-and then the pattern disappeared!Thank you again! Kathy J.

"Thank you so much. I really appreciate everything you have done to check on this fabric. It was way above anything I could have hoped for."
- Ann

"I was out of town when the package with my first three months for the The Mill Girls BOM arrived so I just opened the box last night and went through the patterns and material. Oh my gosh, your cutting layouts are wonderful. Even my husband was impressed - he said it looks like wood worker patterns. And your directions are so clear. I think I might need to take a trip Kansas to see your shop!" - Sharon B.

"Just to let you know my fabric arrived today and I thank you for your fast service. It was a pleasure doing business with you and now I am anxious to start my quilt." - Janis B.

"I got my fabric today! Such fast service! And my compliments to your web designer. I spent entirely too much time surfing through your site. Love the "buy the bolt" concept.
- Mary D.

"Thank you so much for the advice about my Back to Nature batiks BOM. I love -- love, love love -- the fabrics you suggested. I am definitely going to make a trip to your store when we drive back to Georgia. I am saving up money now. ; - )"
- Jan L.

"You guys are so easy to work with! You always return my calls quickly and you're so helpful!" - Sharon B.

"Thanks so much.  I want you to know I chose you because you were the first to respond and when I called to speak with you – your staff was very helpful and cheerful.  I’m very grateful for your assistance and look forward to sharing my next project with you all." - Candace A.

"We had a GREAT day! Your staff was WONDERFUL!!! Thanks for a fun day in Kansas! The first project is cut out and being stitched up! Now we know fabric store heaven is just across the state line!!!" -
Beverly D via Facebook

"I can't tell you how impressed I am with your service! One of my quilt groups has a retreat next weekend. I dragged out a pattern and fabric I purchased a year ago, thinking that would be my project for the retreat. Of course, when I started cutting, I came up short on fabric! I found your website with the "Sophia" fabric that I need and ordered it on Tuesday, 13th. I could not believe it when my order arrived, today, the 16th. I was hoping that the fabric would arrive by at least next Thursday. I am so impressed with the promptness with which ya'll filled my order!! You can be sure that your web page will be discussed at my next quilt group! Again, thank you.  I can now go to retreat with ALL of my fabric cut and won't have to leave blocks to make later!"
- Marie R.

"Thank you so much for the fast service.  My fabric arrived yesterday and once again I am so happy with the fabric and your quick wonderful service.  One would think you lived next door to me rather than half way across the country from New York.  Thank you again."
    - Pat H.

"I received my fabric the other day and it was like Christmas. I absolutely love that fabric and it makes my heart sing. On top of all that, I'd never seen the brown polka dots, they are gorgeous!!! I'll have some beautiful bags to sell. Thank you for your time and help, I certainly will be a repeat customer."  - Deb R.

"I received my Bella Verona quilt kit in the mail today and it is prettier in person than it was on the website and it was awesome on there. Can't wait to get started on it!"  - Sharon P.
"Just received your newsletter and have to say I LOVE it!  I ordered some fabric from your website and it arrived VERY quickly and that is saying something 'cause I live in Germany courtesy of the US military!  Thanks again, it is hard not to get homesick in the dead of German winter and your newsletter helped loads!"    - Karen L.

"You guys absolutely rock!!!"
- Fran C.

"I looked at your web site. It's fabulous. I'm hooked."- Melanie A. 
“I have never seen a website as good as yours. There is so much fascinating stuff on your site I haven’t seen anywhere else. Plus all the beautiful quilt kits. I can’t make up my mind!”  - Barbara C.

"Thank you so very much for making this experience of winning a FabShop $100 Gift Certificate from your shop so special. You spent so much time answering my emails and giving me so many choices. I did not have any problem finding what I desired. I had a problem trying to keep my requests within reason. You have made me a repeat customer. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. You are remarkable. Thank you!!!" - Linda W.

"Fabric Essentials carries extra fabric for BOM programs so we can make pillowcases, shams, and bedskirts to match! I love the cutting diagrams and the fact that the backing is included with most projects. It's much easier on my budget that way."    - Jean D.

"I like the flexibility of the Fabric Essentials BOM programs...I can work ahead at my own pace and don't have to wait 30 days to get another block."   - Katherine W.

"I appreciate the phone call and the heads up about stock levels. That is the kind of customer service that I will remember. You are a pleasure to do business with and I'll be back because of it."   - Merri L.

"I am so impressed with this email newsletter. It's the best I've seen. I love the fabrics and color selections. It made my day, just getting to browse the fabric selections and gather ideas for another quilt."  - Betty F.

"Who would have thought that by typing in "Wildflower Boo-Boo Bundle" on Google, I would find your website? But I did just that and I am so happy I did! Your BOM program is fabulous and the service and assistance that I have received will certainly keep me coming back time after time." Thank You, Denny T.

"I just wanted to thank you for sending me my fabric so quickly! I made a mistake cutting and needed more fabric for my quilt and I received it in the mail just two days later! Thank you!"
Lena M.