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Schmetz Needles

Schmetz needles work with all new, current, and older household sewing machines!

We feature a wide variety of Schmetz Needles for every fabric and application: Oilcloth, Leather, Stretch Knits, Denim/Jeans, Metallic, Microtex (Sharp), Topstitching, Quilting, Embroidery, Twin, Triple, Universal and Quick Threading needles.

NEEDLE TIP: Replace your needle! We all know this, but how many of us really pay attention to our needles? Replacing your needle is the easiest way to improve your stitch quality. If you are having problems with your stitches, it is more likely to be your needle than your tension adjustments.
Would you like to have access to over 80,000 items notions, books, patterns, threads?

As you can imagine, no store can possibly carry all these! This is where our Special Order Department can help!

Have you ever seen an online store offering a "Special Order Department"? Well, we do! If you need a special tool, book,
pattern, or whatever...just call at 1-785-243-4044 or email us at We'll get it and ship it to you!
If we don't have it in stock, we will see if it is available and order it for you.

You can also go to the Checkers website and look through their catalog of over 80,000 items by clicking on the Tabs at the top of their page. Although customers cannot buy directly from Checkers, you can add the items you like to a Wishlist (or write down the item number and name).

When you are done, simply print off the wishlist and place your order with us by phone (+1-785-243-4044), or email ( 

We order every Monday and most shipments arrive by Friday. We then mail to you the next Monday. Please note that holidays can interrupt shipping schedules, so this can vary by several days at some times of the year.

While supplies last! 28 page SCHMETZ ABC Pocket Guide household needle booklet. Newly revised with latest information. Includes Fabric Reference Guide, Needle Anatomy and more!

This booklet is packed with information about needles and will help you find the right needle for your fabric and projects.

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