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Patchwork Party Oct. 1st, 2014 - Feb. 28, 2015!

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Fabric Essentials Block

All 2014 Patchwork Party blocks are laser cut (pre-cut!),
...all you do is sew!

Laser cut edges are "sealed" and do not fray the way rotary cut pieces do. We think you'll love working with pre-cut blocks -
just sew and go!

Please Read the Note About Shipping Below (in Red Letters). The price for each laser cut block is $10, which includes postage anywhere in the United States. Shipping to Canada and Mexico is $2 and all other countries is $3. An additional $.50 per block is charged for multiple blocks shipped internationally.

PLEASE READ - NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: Our website automatically adds shipping. We will deduct it from your Patchwork Party block order before we process your payment. All orders to Fabric Essentials are received as an "Authorized" status. This means that we do not collect any funds until we have your order ready to ship. We will adjust shipping charges before we process your payment.


Customer's Say...

"I thank you again for your service and, as I stated before, the best instructions I have ever used for making last years Patchwork Party quilt. It was so easy to follow and very detailed. The pictures and diagrams helped immensely! I hope the rest of the industry picks up on your lead. I know the time involved with designing and completing the instructions is very consuming. The attention to the details was impeccable. All of your work has paid off when a quilter can do it as easily as I did! I am attaching pictures of my finished quilt! Thank you again," Denise S


Mandala - A graphic and often symbolic pattern usually in the form of a circle divided into four separate sections or bearing a multiple projection of an image. Mandalas represent wholeness, the universe, and the four directions. Gazing at a mandala provides a way to focus and meditate and reflect upon life. Mandalas are used in the religious artwork of many different cultures including Tibetan Buddhist and Navajo sand paintings, Celtic Crosses, and rose windows in churches and cathedrals.

American Bouquet Quilt Kit

Faye Burgos blends a clean American "home decor blue" with classic roses and buds for a look of timeless style. Along with her traditional lead florals comes a wallpaper stripe, medallion motif, and a full array of the coordinates to create a room ensemble, or simply enjoy freedom of choice with mix-and-match ease. Click for quilt details.

The quilt features this beautiful border print!

Participating Shops

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and everyone's finishing kits!

Stitchin' Heaven - - (800) 841-3901
Cozy Quilt Shop - - (619) 670-0652
Everything Quilts - - (303) 604-0508
Pine Needles - - (319) 373-0334
Quilted Treasures - - (763) 428-1952
Quilter's Quarters - - (913) 651-6510
Shabby Fabrics - - (208) 664-4567
Fabric Essentials - - 785-243-4044
The Quilt Place - - (321) 632-3344 
The Quilt Asylum - - (972) 562-2686
Suzanne's Quilt Shop - - (888) 798-0934
All Patchwork Party Blocks, Finishing Kits, Fabrics & Boo Boo Bundles are excluded from any Sales or Promotions, and may not be discounted.

Block Kit Contents & Pattern - Details

12 Beautiful Pre-Cut Blocks! No Cutting!

Just Sew & Go!
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