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Pattern Backs

New Feature on our Website!

Here's an example of what you will see:
Pattern - A Little Something JacketPattern - A Little Somthin' Jacket - Back Side  

Please read....then SCROLL DOWN FOR POLL. Thank you!

One of our core beliefs is that we should make your online shopping experience as close as possible to the experience of shopping in our store.

When you go to a store and see a pattern, what is the first thing you do? Most people pick up the pattern and turn it over to see the backside. What does it take to make this pattern? How many yards? What notions are required? You want to be sure that you leave with everything you need to make your project.

However, when you shop online, most stores only show you the front of the pattern! How can you be sure you are interested in the pattern if you can't see the backside?

We have started the process of scanning the back side of patterns we offer online so that you can see what's on there! Why are we doing this?

1. We want you to feel confident that you will like what you are buying!
2. If you also need fabric, you won't have to guess how much you need. You will know as soon as you look at the back!
3. If you need notions to go with the pattern, you will know that up front as well.

In our
October 2nd newsletter, the patterns we listed have the Pattern Back image online as well. When you click on a pattern, it will take you to the web page that shows both the front and the back. To see the back side, click on the second image on the left hand side, then click on "View Large Image" to see the yardage and notions requirements.

We would like your feedback on this new feature. Please tell us what you think in this quick poll.

Poll - Pattern Backs

Yes! I love the idea of showing pattern backs. Please provide them for all patterns. I will feel more confident buying patterns if I can see the backside.
I like seeing the back side online, but I can "take them or leave them"
I never look at the back when buying a pattern in the store, so this feature doesn't interest me..