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2021 MQ - Navy & Wine Quilt

Program Starts April 15th (or before if possible)

This colorway features a curated collection of navy, turquoise, green and gold fabrics.
We have shown a representative set of fabrics to give you an idea of the fabrics used in the colorway. In most cases, there will be more than what you see in the picture.

Background - Rice Paper

Fabrics used in one or more of the Setting Designs


Book & Ruler Included with your Program!
Our 2021 Mystery Quilt Program blocks are made with block designs from the Lazy and Lovin' It Book and Creative Grids Lazy Angle Ruler.
This book contains over 250 blocks, so there is plenty of inspiration here for future projects as well!

Monthly Clues
Each month you will receive a clue with detailed color diagrams for making two blocks from the Lazy and Lovin' It Book. You will be shown which fabric goes where.
In month 1 and month 6 you will receive printed clues, as these are the two months where we send fabric. In months 2, 3, 4 and 5, you will receive an email clue. If you do not have a printer and need us to print and send clues for months 2, 3, 4 an 5, there will be an additional one-time $20 fee for printing and postage.

Fabric Shipments
In order to minimize shipping costs, we are grouping the fabric as follows:
Month 1 - Fabric for the 12 blocks with printed Clue #1, the Lazy and Lovin' It Book, and the Lazy Angle Ruler.
Month 6 - Fabric for the setting design of your choice, plus backing (if ordered).

Pay in One or Two Installments
Choose the Complete Kit or the First Installment option.
If you choose the First Installment option, please remember to pay the Second Installment
in 30 days or less.

Program Outline



Clue #1


 We will ship the following:
 Lazy and Lovin' It Book & Ruler
 Fabric Kit for 12 blocks
 Printed Instructions for 2 Blocks
May - Clue #2 -  Emailed Instructions for 2 Blocks
Jun - Clue #3 -  Emailed Instructions for 2 Blocks
Jul - Clue #4 -  Emailed Instructions for 2 Blocks


Clue #5


 BIG REVEAL - Choose Setting Design
 Setting Designs #1, #2, and #3 Includes with Your Program
 Setting Design #4 (King size extension to Setting #6 - separate charge in Month #6)
 Choose Backing (separate charge in Month #6)
 Emailed Instructions for 2 Blocks



Clue #6


 We will ship the following:
 Fabric Kit for Setting Design of your Choice
 Finishing Pattern for Setting Choice
 Printed Instructions for 2 Blocks
    Backing    If you would like backing, this will be sent with Clue #6.
    Shipping    Shipping will be charged in Month 1 and Month 6 when we send fabric.

Three Setting Designs ~ pattern and fabric included in your basic Mystery Quilt price!
In Month 5 we will reveal the possibilities!

Setting #1 - Traditional - 84" x 84"
Setting #2 - Modern - 92" x 96"
Setting #3 - In Between - 83" x 93"
Setting #1 King Extension Kit - Enlarges the quilt to 106" x 106" (This setting is the same as Setting #1 with a Separate charge for the King Extension Kit)

Backing Choices
In month 5, we will also reveal the backing choices for each colorway. Backing will be shipped in Month 6 with your finishing kit for the setting of your choice.