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Designer Duo Quilt Along! > Backgrounds if Using Your Own Stash!

Backgrounds if Using Your Own Stash!

You can choose to use your own stash for the Designer Duo Quilt Along! All you will need is the Quilt Along Pattern and 3 1/8 yards of background fabric. We've put together suggestions for backgrounds in case you need one. We recommend that you get a bit extra (3 1/4 yds or 3 1/2 yds) in case of mistakes. When you order any background fabric, we will also send you our exclusive Cutting Diagram - a visual guide to how to best cut your fabric!

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Marcus - Centennial Solids - C83-5901-2793 - Silver Lining


Paintbrush Studio - Painter's Palette Solids - 121-026 Navy


Paintbrush Studio - Painter's Palette Solids - 121-041 Taupe


Paintbrush Studio - Painter's Palette Solids - 121-099 Rice Paper


Maywood Studio - Black Magic - MASBLM


Moda - Grunge Basics - 30150-101 White Paper


Moda - Grunge Basics - 30150-163 Grey Couture


Andover - Downton Abbey - The Downstairs Collection - A-7600-R


Andover - Kathy Hall - Trinkets - A-8147-L


Andover - Little House on The Prairie - A-7958-TL.jpg



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