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Patchwork Party 2013 - Fabric Essentials Laser Cut Block

All 2013 Patchwork Party blocks are laser cut (pre-cut!), making piecing a snap! All the pieces are cut out for you...all you do is sew!
Laser cut edges are "sealed" and do not fray the way rotary cut pieces do. We think you'll love working with pre-cut blocks - just sew and go!

Please Read the Note About Shipping Below (in Red Letters). The price for each laser cut block is $10, which includes postage anywhere in the United States. Shipping to Canada and Mexico is $2 and all other countries is $3. An additional $.50 per block is charged for multiple blocks shipped internationally.

NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: Our website automatically adds shipping. We will deduct it from your Patchwork Party block order before we process your payment. All orders to Fabric Essentials are received as an "Authorized" status. This means that we do not collect any funds until we have your order ready to ship. We will adjust shipping charges before we process your payment.

Your block kit will contain:

  • Precut pieces (notice the nice notches on the corners!)
  • Visual Sewing Guide

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