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Robert Kaufman - Kona Premium Muslin - 118in Wide BACKING - K054-1242 Natural

This is a high-quality 118" wide premium muslin!

Wide backs are double and rolled, and most are twisted on the bolt. Many companies simply cut your backing, resulting in a piece of fabric that is likely not straight of grain. These types of cuts will cause your quilt back to "torque" after quilting.

Fabric Essentials tears all backing so that you receive a straight of grain, accurate measurement for your quilt back. When we tear the backing, there is a wedge shaped piece of fabric that is wasted on each end. We absorb that cost so that you receive the correct amount. We've seen bolts as much as 12" off from one end to the other! That's why it is vitally important that your wide quilt back is torn, not cut.