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Floral Portraits KIT


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Manufacturer #:Frond Design Studios
Sku:Floral Portraits Kit

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Finished Size: 87x98

Backing is not included, but you can pick from a variety of beautiful Frond fabrics here.

Non-Directional 108" Wide Backing - You will need 2 3/4 yards - your quilt will be placed sideways if it is a non-directional pattern.
Directional 108" Wide Backing - You will need 3 yards

Non-Directional 45" fabric - You will need 8 1/4 Yards cut into three strips each 99" (2 3/4 Yds), which provides an extra 6" all the way around.
Directional 45" fabric - You will need 9 yards cut into three strips 3 yards each.

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