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Marti Michell - Perfect Patchwork Templates Set D - MM8254

8 pieces. Includes bonus shapes that complement Set B.

So if you own Sets B and D, you will love Volume 2 of the Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks MM8343. With approximately 80 block designs in over 200 block sizes from which to choose. (Scroll to see Suggested Products Below).

Quilters Love Perfect Patchwork Templates!

They are PERFECT for:

  • Rotary cutters–Cut multiple layers at one time.
  • Shapes and sizes–Specific-size 1/8-inch thick acrylic pieces. No guessing which line to use on a ruler.
  • 1/4-inch seam allowances already added.
  • Laser cut accuracy on every piece.
  • Corners–Not just blunt but revolutionary double blunt corners engineered for perfect alignment.
  • Permanent identification system.
  • Companion tools for strip cutting and piecing techniques.

The Perfect Patchwork Template sets for rotary cutting feature special engineered corners that automatically reduce bulk!

This revolutionary corner concept means cutting pieces that match perfectly–

  • No pinning or guessing required
  • No more "dog ears" ensnared by the throat plate
  • No shadowing through light fabrics
  • No going back after sewing to trim excess bulk ~ it's trimmed away at the same time the pieces are cut.
  • The thick acrylic templates mean you can rotary-cut multiple layers of fabric at one time.

Traditional Versus The Perfect Patchwork Way

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