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Fiskars - Cutting Mat Eco Friendly - Two -Sided - 12in x 18in - 18730

Fiskars Cutting Mat Eco Friendly 12in x18in - self healing

This long-lasting, earth-friendly mat is ideal for cutting full widths of fabric.

Choose this high-quality Cutting Mat for cutting full widths of fabric right off the bolt. It’s perfectly sized for the job, and a self-healing mat with measuring grids on both sides outlasts others. Included bias lines make shape cutting and cutting at angles a breeze. As a bonus, it is made of 100-percent recyclable polypropylene for environmentally responsible disposal.

· 12" x 18" mat is ideal for cutting full widths of fabric from the bolt

· Self-healing mat provides a cutting surface that lasts longer than others

· Easy-to-read measuring grid on both sides means you can turn the mat over for double the usage

· 30-, 45- and 60-degree bias lines make creating triangle and star shapes easy

· 100-percent polypropylene mat can be recycled when it is used up after long-term, intensive use

· Store flat away from sunlight, heat and cold

· Clean with warm water and mild soap

· Lifetime warranty