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Bosa Nova Bags

See what you can make with only two yards of fabric!

Yes! Three Bosa Nova Bags - one in each size!

Wrap your gifts in style! Bosa Nova bags are the perfect way to present a special gift or collect your own special treasures. Full color pattern for three bag sizes includes step-by-step photos along with tips for embellishing your fabric and making custom size bags. Pattern includes the gift bag in three sizes.

Small Bag: 5.5in tall, 4.5in square base
Large Bag: 7.5in tall, 6.5in square base
Tall Bag: 14.5in tall, 3.5 square base

Materials Needed:
To view the back side of the pattern and see the materials needed for this project, click on the secondary image at left, then click on "View Large Image" to see the yardage and notions requirements.

Here are some close up views of a set we made using Batiks. One yard of two different fabrics can make both the outside and inside of the set...we alternated which fabrics were outside, and which were inside.