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Kansas City Star - My Stars V

We've crossed the 100-pattern mark, and are now onto patterns 100 to 125! This crop of patterns has some favorites - The Pig Pen, Molly's Rose Garden, and Rob Peter and Pay Paul, to name a few. It also includes classics such as Log Cabin, Victory Quilt, and A Fan of Many Colors. All 25 patterns in this volume are charming and provide endless opportunities for quiltmaking.

Be sure to check out the photographs of the gorgeous quilts that accompany some of the blocks. The quilt contributors had lots of fun making new quilts with these historical patterns. It's always exciting to see a new twist!

The Kansas City Star began printing traditional quilt patterns in 1928. The patterns were a weekly feature in The Star or its sister publications, The Weekly Star and the Star Farmer, from 1928 until the mid-1930s, then less regularly until 1961. By the time the last one ran, more than 1,000 had been published in the papers, which circulated in seven Midwestern states as well as North Carolina, Kentucky and Texas.

The My Stars series is Kansas City Star Quilts' effort to redraft the entire historical collection, and offer it in bound printed volumes for pattern lovers to stitch and collect. Each of the 25 patterns in this book includes fabric requirements, templates and assembly instructions, as well as the original sketch and caption that were printed in the newspaper. Sit back and enjoy the heritage of quilting with this fifth installment.