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The Mill Girls

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Queen Finished Size: 98" x 98"
King Finished Size: 106" x 106" up to 120" x 120"

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Marcus Fabrics is pleased to introduce The Mill Girls 1830-1850, a new collection by Judie Rothermel, with a unique BOM program designed by Nancy Rink of Nancy Rink Designs. The collection is produced in conjunction with the release of Nancy’s new book, entitled Away From Home: Quilts Inspired by the Story of the Lowell Mill Girls (Kansas City Star Quilts). The Mill Girls 1830-1850 provides an interesting glimpse into the lives of young women who worked in the textile mills of Lowell, Mass in the mid 1800s.

Queen Size Program Includes:
* Pattern (a $ 60 Value!)
* Fabric Essentials Exclusive Cutting Diagrams (priceless!)
* All fabrics for the top, borders, and binding
* 3 Yards Coordinating 108" Wide Backing
* Boo-Boo Bundle - set of Fat 8ths of all fabrics used except the border (a $ 35 value!)

King Size Program Includes:
A Fabric Essentials Exclusive King size version will be available and will include all of the basics listed for the Queen size program above. The King size program will include the extra yardage required for extra borders, binding, and 9 3/4 Yds 45" backing fabric for your project. Let us know if you prefer King-Size.

Fabric Essentials Cutting Diagrams & Boo-Boo Bundle:

Have you ever been working on a quilt and made a cutting mistake and then discovered that you don't have enough fabric to fix it? In order to help with these two common problems, we have developed exclusive cutting diagrams to minimize cutting errors and we also include a Boo-Boo bundle of Fat 8ths as a backup with most projects. We order extra fabric and can also cut 1/4 yard and 1/2 yard bundles if you need more.

Each block you receive will contain a visual guide showing the best way to cut your pieces from the fabric in the kit. Many times you must also use this same fabric in a future block. Without a visual guide you must keep your fingers crossed that you haven't cut your fabric in such a way to be short down the road. 

Even if you do get distracted and make an error, your Boo-Boo bundle will save the day (or the night)! You can keep on going no matter what. This is truly "piece of mind" (pun intended).

P.S. Your Boo-Boo bundle can also be used to make decorative pillows, table runners and whatever else you might dream up to go with your beautiful Mill Girls quilt!

Flexibility with Fabric Essentials BOM Programs!
When we receive your order, we will call you to discuss how you would like the program to work for you.
We cut blocks ahead, so you can work ahead! You are not limited to only one block per month!

We encourage you to bunch up your shipments to save on shipping and handling. We can generally send three blocks for the same price as one block, and you save! This is why we offer flexible BOM programs.

You can choose how many blocks to get and how often to get them! Many people want 3 blocks every month or every two months. Others do 6 months at a time and then call us when they are ready for more. This is YOUR program. We will work with you to tailor it to your life and your budget.

Shipping & Handling
Shipping and handling is not included in the above monthly program costs, and will vary depending on which month, and how much fabric is being sent. In all cases, we try to send things the most economical way possible.

Backing Included!

3 Yds Wide Backing included with your
Fabric Essentials
Queen BOM Program.


 9 3/4 Yards 45" Backing included with your
King BOM Program to amke 106" x 106"
If you want to make a larger size, please let us know.


To Reserve your Space:
Choose the size project you wish to make (Queen or King) and reserve your space now. Your non-refundable Reservation fee is applied to your BOM total (you actually get something for it!).

Queen Size (98" x 98")
* $ 42 Reservation Fee (pays for the last kit, not including shipping & handling)
* 9 Months @ $ 42
* Total is $ 420
* Complete Kits Available! You save on shipping!

King Size (106" x 106" )

* $ 50 Reservation Fee (pays for the last kit, not including shipping & handling)
* 9 Months @ $ 50
* Total is $ 500
* Complete Kits Available! You save on shipping!

Block One Sample:

This sample pattern jacket from THE MILL GIRLS BOM features the story of a Mill Girl named Huldah Currier, one of ten personal profiles in the program.

Fabric Swatch Sheet:

If you have avoided old-style or civil war reproduction quilts because you thought the colors were too dull, we think you will be pleased with the brighter color palette of The Mill Girls collection.
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More information about The Mill Girls:

In this collection, Judie Rothermel gives quilters a historically accurate palette of tans and browns blended with burgundy, blue, and green taken from the period of the mid 1800's. The mix of familiar patterns and new motifs gives the group a mix-and-match quality perfect for Nancy Rink’s BOM design skills, making the most of her fun and easy techniques. Nancy is the creative force behind some of Marcus’ most popular BOM programs, and when paired with the historic context of the Mill Girls stories, the result is sure to be a winner!

The book, published by Kansas City Star, will feature personal accounts of young women employed by the textile mills of Lowell, MA. Numerous letters penned by the young women who toiled in the textile mills are archived in the University of Massachusetts Library’s Center for Lowell History. These “Mill Girls†letters, although mostly chatty reports about the weather and the girls’ health, provide the reader a glimpse into the daily life of a Lowell factory girl.

The book’s introductory essay was written by Oliver A. Rink, professor of early American History at California State University, Bakersfield. To complement the book, each of the ten block patterns of The Mill Girls BOM program is named after a factory girl and each is accompanied by excerpts from her letter. Together, the quilt program and book provide a unique glimpse into the rich textile history of Lowell, Massachusetts.

Away from Home: Quilts Inspired by the Lowell Factory Girls
by Nancy Rink


Away From Home is woven from the diaries and letters of Lowell, Massachusetts, Mill Girls and the history of the textile factories where they worked. The featured sampler quilt has an appliqued center depicting two of the Mill Girls surrounded by nine pieced and appliqued blocks. Eight more original projects include seven quilts of various sizes and a charming pinwheel pillow cover. All the projects feature fabrics designed and developed for Marcus Fabrics by Judie Rothermel in conjunction with Lowell’s American Textile History Museum. Nancy, an award-winning fiber artist, and Oliver, a history professor, combine their expertise to bring you stories as interesting and enjoyable as the quilts they inspired.

8 1/2 x 11 inches, softcover, full-color, 96 pages.