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Toweling Chart & Ideas

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Make kitchen towels, table runners, curtains, pillows, or aprons. Toweling by the yard is 16" wide 100% cotton, and is machine washable. Hemmed on the sides.

We also offer toweling by the bolt. Most bolts are between 13 and 17 yards.

Most of our customers prefer a 27" (3/4 yd) towel. Use the handy toweling chart at right to calculate how much fabric you need for towels.

 1 Towel    = 3/4 yd
 2 Towels  = 1 1/2 yds
 3 Towels  = 2 1/4 yds
 4 Towels  = 3 yds
 5 Towels  = 3 3/4 yds
 6 Towels  = 4 1/2 yds
 7 Towels  = 5 1/4 yds
 8 Towels  = 6 yds
 9 Towels  = 6 3/4 yds
10 Towels = 7 1/2 yds

See our main Toweling Page for more ideas!

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Make everyone on your gift list happy with towels!

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