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Triangles on a Roll - 2in Finished Half Square 50ft Roll - Makes 800

QRH200 - Triangles on a Roll - 2" Finished

Use this size of Triangles on a Roll to make 2 inch finished size half square triangles. This is the most popular size of Triangles on a roll, as there are many patterns that use 2 ½” strips or 2 ½” squares that finish out to 2”.

 The seam allowances are included in the pattern, so all you need to do is sew & cut using the pattern on the paper. Instructions are provided on the paper. Each roll of H200 makes 800 half square triangles.
  1. Cut the fabric to the approximate size (see paper for guidelines). IMPORTANT: Make the fabric slightly larger than the paper.
  2. Layer two pieces of fabric, right sides together.
  3. Pin the Triangles on a Roll paper to the top of the fabric.
  4. Sew the dotted lines using a small stitch. This is important because a tight stitch makes it easier to remove the paper.
  5. Using a rotary cutter, slice all of the solid lines, this includes the outside edges of the paper.
  6. Remove paper.
  7. Open the block & iron flat.
  8. Cut off the tags on the corners.
 You now have a perfectly sized half square triangle.  
Remember, the seam allowances are added to the pattern, so your finished size will be smaller than the raw piece.
Marsha’s Comments:
I find this product indispensable in making half-square triangles. 800 may seem like a lot, but you may not realize how many times you make half-square triangles or pinwheels (4 half-square triangles arranged in a pinwheel design). The Aunt Grace Circle of Friends quilt has 208 half-square triangles!